For those who still don’t know: you can now download The Sims2 on Origin FOR FREE!

The full list of eight expansions:

Apartment Life

Bon Voyage



Open for Business




And all ten stuff packs:

Celebration Stuff

Family Fun Stuff

Glamour Life Stuff

H&M Fashion Stuff

Happy Holiday Stuff

Holiday Party Pack

IKEA Home Stuff

Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff

Mansion & Garden Stuff

Teen Style Stuff

And words cannot express how freaking HAPPY I am right now. I was so mad that my Sims2 + Nightlife couldn’t run on my laptop, making them useless, and now I’ll be able to go back to Sims2 and try all the expansions and stuff packs I never bought!

// Logging back just to make you guys sure I’m still alive.

I started my formation course “Accompanying Children” (literally translating), it basically has to do with entertainment and ways to entertain children and make them happy and all that. First week is done! (I hate the teacher who gives us a class more towards the psychology side, it’s not the classes that suck, I just hate the damn woman.)

I really lost my muse for Nerina. I don’t know if I’ll get it back - I hope so, ‘cause I had lots of stuff planned for her and I don’t wanna lose the connections to other muses -, but when I do, I’ll be really returning to this account and take care of replies. Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with a music that reminds me of Nerina’s days back at the mafia. Smell ‘ya later.~

P.S. Why the hell did I got so many new followers why I’ve been away?! o_o Where are you guys coming from?! D: You crazeh! But thank you for following.~

// Here I am feeling like shit and feeling like closing the rp account and novatheblumedic just goes bam, in yo’ face. Thank ‘chuuuu, even though I don’t think I’m that great of a roleplayer. :v

Also happy 4th of July to you Americans! Have a gift.

// I feel sorry for the people who I owe replies to for having to put up with my shitty self for not having any inspiration to write welp.


// Streaming more of Mirror’s Edge, let’s try and finish the game! I actually don’t know how many chapters I have left but hopefully I’m at least halfway through.

// Need to unleash the anger and animal inside of me after being called a hater for not liking Honey’s look on the upcoming movie Big Hero 6 and thinking it’s just Rapunzel from Tangled with pink lipstick and futuristic clothes. Who’s up for some Team Fortress 2?


// Streaming Mirror’s Edge again, finally! <3 Let’s hope I can finish the game tonight.


Balisong (Butterfly Knife)


Decided to redo the Ms. Pauling cosplay because of the new model.

The hairstyle is difficult :S those are real glasses btw.

// …*touches screen* Precious…

mumbling-pyromaniac asked:
[[ I can't do symbols on mobile but favorite music and any pets? ]]

✌ - favorite bands/ singers?

"Mun’s favorite bands are DBSK, Within Temptation, The Offspring, Limp Bizkit, Evanescence, Linkin Park, I think she hears a bit of everything though."

ツ - any pets?

"No, she doesn’t have any, since her parents don’t allow her."